Dear editor,

Being a conservative, and one who tries to deal with facts when facing a problem or dilemma, I find it hard to tolerate liberal arguments. 

There is a frequent letter writer who once wrote about how President Donald Trump was locking kids in cages, and how wrong it was. Now under President Joe Biden 10 times as many kids are now locked down on our southern border and this writer hasn’t condemned this administration at all. The fact is if it's wrong for one it's wrong for all.

Second, a young lady introduced herself in the Aug. 27 paper (“Guest columnist: 'I want to continue to be a part of the solution'”) as a revolutionary, wanting to fight institutional racism and police violence against Blacks. The fact is a local KSU professor made national news a year or so ago presenting facts that Blacks are not victims of police violence more than other races. And I’m sure there are probably racists within institutions, but there is no institution with racist policies, if so name them!

Finally, our local humane society has a president that has written letters condemning Republicans and Trump supporters. This organization benefits our whole community and he should be removed as president if the humane society wants community support. I won’t donate to this organization as long as he holds this position and insults me.

Liberals need to be consistent, consider the facts, and tone down their rhetoric. If they did, maybe Republicans would consider listening more. 

Russell Givens 


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