Dear editor,

On Tuesday I was returning to work when I encountered an injured or sick raccoon in the median in the middle of the road on Duncan Lane off US 60 in east Frankfort. I called the Department for Fish and Wildlife and dispatch and was told by both that they could do nothing to help other than give me contacts for private rehabbers, whom I would have to pay to dispatch. I called one, but a half hour later when she had not arrived, I went back to the original location and the animal was gone. I am glad no one was injured in an accident hitting it and I hope it did not continue to suffer.

I find it unbelievable that in Frankfort, Kentucky’s capitol city, where Fish and Wildlife headquarters are located, no other assistance or solution was offered by any public agency. 

I find it ridiculous that no other assistance can be provided when public safety, as well as animal suffering, is involved, especially given that distemper has recently been found in raccoons in the county.

Luckily, a private rehabber later came and determined the raccoon had just been clipped by a vehicle in this case. Please keep an eye on your kids and pets, since this issue is not being addressed by any local agencies.

Melissa Bowman


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