Dear editor,

I have been saddened to read the news of Rich Rosen’s withdrawal of his $500,000 pledge toward construction of a new Humane Society shelter ("Rosen withdraws $500,000 pledge for new animal shelter, cites 'disgust' with recent city actions," Oct. 18). 

I am also saddened that City Commissioner Scott Tippett believes Rosen's action is what is hurting the animals. The pledge was given with the caveat that the city and county pledge their share, and it's their lack of commitment that has caused Rosen to pull his pledge.

It seems that it is the inaction of the city and county that is hurting the animals. If it weren’t for the Humane Society, local government (specifically the county) would be responsible for constructing a shelter on its own. 

It is time for the Humane Society and representatives of the city and county to put their heads together and come up with a path forward. Doing nothing is not acceptable.

It is all about animals.

Trudi Johnson


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