Dear editor, 

I suggest that the cartoon Mallard Fillmore be moved from its place among other cartoons to the editorial page. Bruce Tinsley, the creator of this strip, writes consistently from his conservative point of view, sometimes to an offensive level. Such was the case on Friday.

Card players, he suggests, will always win the game if they play the racist card. The face on that card is shown as a jester or clown or fool. The previous day was likewise a play on the word racist.

Surely he cannot believe that racism in America is some kind of game. 

This month some have been remembering what racism reduced to a joke looks like. It looks like lynching men on the Singing Bridge, commemorated by this community two weeks ago. It looks like people dying because their skin is darker than white.

Some of us have been remembering that 400 years ago this very month the first slave ship brought men and women from Africa to be slaves in Jamestown. Slavery lasted for 250 years in this country. Then Jim Crow laws kept black people fearful for several more generations. 

Does Bruce Tinsley believe that racism is a joke? With the history of this nation to this very day giving rise to white supremacy, I don’t believe it is a joke delivered by a clown. Mallard Fillmore is not a cartoon; it is Bruce Fletcher making a commentary. At least move him to the correct page. 

Larry Maze


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