Dear editor,

The mass shootings and murders of Hispanics is appalling, especially knowing they could have more than likely been avoided, if we had a president who didn’t behave and talk “ad lib” as a white nationalist supremacist.

Then he had immigration officers execute raids on Hispanic immigrants — arresting nearly 700 at seven different chicken-processing plants in Mississippi — hours before he “coldly” visited those grieving for their lost Hispanic family members and friends.

Since then, Hispanic children in Mississippi have been marching from churches to their town square and speaking out in opposition against immigration raids, for their parents who have been taken.

In the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. “against fear,” churches were the backbone. Churches today are a top source for spiritual and material support for this ethnic group of people who are having this horrible genocide inflicted on them. Some are going beyond this, as really all Christian churches should — responding into political opposition.

Richard Jones


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