Dear editor,

I write in response to Bob Gullette’s letter besmirching Richard Rosen and praising Mayor Bill May’s standing up “to Rosen’s demands” that he claims “took guts” (“Letter: Mayor sending 'Frankfort can't be bought' message to Rosen,” Nov. 6).

This wasn’t about a fanciful battle between the Sir Rosen and King May, where May slays Rosen with his trusty blade and Gullette swoops in and rescues May, wounded by the sharp “demands” of Rosen. Methinks Gullette plays too much Warcraft video games.

It's really about Rosen’s conditional pledge of $500,000 toward the proposed animal shelter to spur the city and county’s contributions. They reneged, so Rosen withdrew his pledge. Concurrently, he expressed his disgust with the city’s recent actions, including the Fort Hill bike trail and failing to reappoint the two most experienced FPB directors.

How do we know this? Because Rosen wrote a guest column ("Guest columnist: Withdrawn animal shelter pledge was meant to send a message to City Hall," Oct. 23) detailing his actions in no uncertain terms. What part of that didn’t Gullette (and this newspaper) understand?

It didn’t take any “guts” for May to do this; it took a lot of gall. Some guts were spilled nonetheless. Community members had risen to the mayor’s defense back when his nemesis, then-Commissioner Robert Roach, mounted a culture war attack on May and these same sitting directors whom May had appointed to the board, trying in vain to have them removed.

Recently, citing ever-evolving reasons, May withdrew his support for his own directors whom these citizens had just helped save from Roach’s yearlong attack. By doing so, May essentially “gutted” his most loyal supporters, including Richard Rosen.

Jim Daniel


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