Dear editor,

As a followup to my recent guest column ("Rosen 'reneging' on donation is the latest personal attack against mayor," Oct. 25), I would like to say that I think Mayor Bill May's standing up to Richard Rosen was his "finest hour."

His bold stance took guts, real political courage, for most men in his position would have given in to Rosen's financial pressure and threats, as I'm sure Rosen expected him to do.

May knew that by doing so, Rosen would launch angry and relentless, personal and public attacks against him in The State Journal, which he did, and there would be nothing he could really do about it. 

To the mayor's credit, he didn't lash out angrily in the paper in response to the vicious personal attacks, which would have turned it into an ugly political duel, a political gunfight fought out in public. Instead, he quietly endured them while firmly standing his ground.

May's refusal to give in to Rosen's demands sends a loud and clear message, a "wake up call" of his own that we won't tolerate people trying to buy board appointments or making threats if those appointments are not made — "money doesn't buy political outcomes in Frankfort."

May's courageous stand against Rosen, which I greatly admire, as do many others in town, should be remembered by all of us in the community. It was, to me, his "finest hour."

Bob Gullette


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