Dear editor,

It took me awhile to figure out why Mitch McConnell is ahead in the polls.

I was confused at first. I mean he tried to eliminate preexisting conditions and take healthcare from 400,000 Kentuckians! He cut taxes on the rich and left our children $2 trillion in debt.

For 35 years he has systematically exploited Eastern Kentucky's economy and environment to protect his major political donor, the coal industry. Recently he refused to include food assistance for children in COVID relief legislation as leverage to force Democrats to include more concessions and money for Wall Street banks and multi-international corporations.

Thirty-five years of Mitch has left Kentucky the fifth poorest state in the U.S. Its minimum wage is below the poverty level for a family of two. One in five Kentucky children struggles with hunger. Opioid deaths are twice the national average.

Finally it dawned on me that like a spouse who has been starved, bullied, belittled, kept poor and made sick, Kentucky has in an abusive relationship with Mitch and is too afraid to leave him. It is either that or Kentucky is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome where the hostage develops psychological alliance with their abductor during captivity. Maybe it's both.

Margaret Groves


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