Dear editor,

In a recent letter to the Courier Journal a writer claimed Mitch McConnell "wants to proceed with bills that will help all Americans and make America better while the Democratic Party is holding up really important work by running impeachment lies."

Fact: McConnell is currently "holding up" the Senate from debating or voting on 300 bipartisan bills passed by the House, including bills on infrastructure, gun control, health care, election security, climate change, living wages, worker rights, miners' pensions and black lung benefits and medication and medical treatment costs.

Inaction on these bills is crippling this country. Infrastructure is crumbling. Hurricanes, fires and floods are ravaging our country. People are dying in high numbers from gun violence, black lung, opioid addiction, pollution and high cost of medication and medical treatment. All of this because McConnell won't let the Senate debate or vote on bills addressing these problems. The impeachment process is "not holding up important work." It's McConnell.

He is abusing his power as Senate leader and undermining our democratic process. Citizens elect senators to represent them. McConnell is blocking senators from representing their electorate when he won't let senators debate and vote on bills. McConnell should let the Senate vote. If bills fail, at least it will be the will of the people, not the will of McConnell.

Margaret Groves


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