Dear editor,

There’s an old fable called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” It entails a boy who screamed wolf multiple times because he was bored, as a joke.

The villager came multiple times but finally quit coming. One day the wolf actually came and the boy screamed. He was ignored. He ran to town and found the closest villager and the villager went and saw the wolf attacking all the sheep. This is the media today.

Their credibility is no longer there. The Democratic politicians that create the stories are just as guilty. The problem is some are still buying into the lies being created, and that’s a shame.

The latest and greatest is President Donald Trump's calling World War I vets who died losers. A lot of you were mad. The thought was, "We got him now." Post after post flew from multiple sources. It was even on multiple news sources.

Twelve to 18 hours later it was debunked. Not only was it debunked, but it was debunked by none other than John Bolton. Within 48 hours it was debunked by nine others.

The story was that he chose not to go to an overseas burial ground for the vets for that reason instead of weather restrictions. Even after Bolton's debunk, "the media doesn’t make anything up" was their voice.

Within the last year, the media have falsified the Nicholas Sandmann problem in Washington, D.C.; there was a whistleblower as a reason to impeach Trump; "The Room Where It Happened" book; and this anonymous source who created the story of Trump calling WWI vets losers.

This should be a "what the heck, I didn’t know moment." I’m sure there will be critics about this letter to the editor. However, fact and truth are the same. As Joe Biden would put it, "Come on, man."

Jerry B. Blackburn



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