Dear editor,

When there’s yet another multiple-death shooting, and it really does need to be a lot of people killed at the same time and place in order to get our national attention, journalists ask what they consider to be the most important question: “What was the killer’s motive?”

I’m so tired of hearing that stupid question; because asking the right questions is the key to getting the right answers.

The right questions are: Why do we here in the United States have so many killings and injuries by guns as compared to many other countries? What are those other countries doing right that we are not?

And as to the question about the killer’s motive for mowing down and maiming multiple people, I can provide the answer: The killer was upset about something. There you go now; mystery solved as far as the shooter’s motive.  

Another question is: Why do we as a people lack the resolve to do anything about this continuing problem, which will, at best, not get better and may get worse, unless we take substantial measures to change access to guns?

Andrea Veach


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