Dear editor,

The writer of "Letter: How many senseless deaths from guns do we endure," Dec. 3, states that when he was growing up, "in those days guns had limited rounds by law." This is not true. 

Previous gun control measures of 1934 and 1968 did not limit the number of "rounds" a firearm could accommodate. The so-called "assault weapons ban" of 1994 did limit the number of rounds to 10 that a magazine could hold, but only for new magazines purchased. It did not preclude ownership of higher capacity magazines already in existence. The law expired in 2004 and most studies show it had little to no effect on gun violence.

The writer makes reference to the "shootings" in various places. Unfortunately, in a country of over 330 million people there will be those who are criminals or mentally disturbed who wish to kill. There are many ways by which that may be accomplished. Consider the recent vehicle attack on the Christmas parade in Wisconsin.  

The writer seems to not understand that many people are already precluded from legally purchasing or owning firearms. For example, convicted felons, people who have been adjudicated mentally ill and many others.  

The writer refers to passing "relevant laws." There are many "relevant laws" already in effect.  Unfortunately, criminals do not abide by "relevant laws." These acts of murder are the acts of the individuals, not law abiding citizens.  

I suspect more "relevant laws" means more unfair restrictions on those of us who follow the law.  Fairness was, in part, a founding principle of this country.

John Clements


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