Dear editor,

Franklin County schoolchildren show incredible resilience and aptitude, tackling everything from Frankfort's food desert to embracing evidence-based pandemic responses. I've traveled some in my time and I genuinely feel these young citizens are a remarkable bunch. 

We have their readily available access to golfing facilities to thank for their achievements ("City golf course loses around $300,000 per year," Weekend edition, May 21-23). Saying "no" to golf is a rite of passage that hardens convictions and hastens the transition into adulthood. I feel continuing the golf course subsidy, in lieu of age-appropriate activities for teens, should continue to be priority one. 

These days, juvenile delinquency pales in comparison to adult and senior delinquency. Can you imagine the chaos on the Capitol steps should these courses close, even if it's to do something silly like affording better education facilities? Cargo shorts-wearing, middle-age men, roaming the streets armed with clubs ... I shudder to think.  

(Before you hate me too much, I think closing one golf course would free up scholarship money for those youth who play golf on the remaining course.)

Patrick Carrico


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