Dear editor,

If you are not aware of the fact that the New Green Deal (NGD) is a program of planned hara-kiri for the energy sector and for our economy, you soon will be. The idea, that wind and solar can replace oil, gas and coal as dependable and economical sources of power generation, is demonstrably false.

The European countries that raced headlong to convert from carbon-based fuels to wind and solar are facing the very real specter of power shortages in the near future. The cost of power to consumers has risen rapidly to the point where many cannot pay their power bills and vital industries that rely on cheap dependable energy are closing shop; additionally massive government subsidies are hidden costs shared by all taxpayers siphoning off funds needed for other really needed government services.

The NGD is a scheme to skin the taxpayers, create shortages, to irreparably harm the economy costing many their livelihoods, and forcing the displaced workers to live on government handouts.

To counter the myth of man-induced global warming, we must adopt a shibboleth that affirms the obvious: Oil, gas and coal are non-replaceable commodities that make advanced civilization possible. Another myth based on phony science, is that a trace gas, essential to all life forms on this planet, is a pollutant harmful to our climate: Carbon dioxide is an atmospheric gas not a greenhouse gas. It has no measurable effect on the temperature of the earth.

The future of American prosperity is at stake.

George Tomaich


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