Dear editor,

The State Journal is conducting an online poll asking if people are complying with the governor’s order to wear a face mask in public, and early results showed 15% are refusing to do so. If this is because of breathing problems from other health issues, I can understand that.

I don’t understand why some people just plain refuse. Nonetheless, I think it is their right to refuse to wear a mask, as long as they don’t go into stores and potentially endanger others.

But if a group of “no-maskers” wants to get together socially, that’s fine with me. But if they should then come down with COVID-19, I hope they have the decency to not go to the hospital. Why should they be allowed to endanger doctors and nurses when they had a chance to protect themselves? And why should they take up beds and medicines from people who tried their best to stay safe? That’s my two cents.

Richard Rosen


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