Dear editor,

This goes out to all of the baseball parents who might be returning to the diamond for the first time in awhile this summer.

Please do not harass young umpires, especially in a recreational league. I don't care how bad you thought that call was from 50 yards away. There is a nationwide sports officials shortage — it is very real and it is an existential threat to the games that so many of us love.

We desperately need new people to strap on the gear to ensure that games continue to be played. These new officials, young and old alike, should be afforded the respect you would expect from people at your job.

Would you want to be screamed at by a third party while you were learning how to do your job properly? Would you go back on day two if you were berated on day one?

Look, I get it. As parents, we can get emotional about our kids and want to see them succeed. But let's take a step back this summer and remember that this is a game, and that teenager working the game is someone's kid too. The fate of the sport as we know it is on the line.

P.S. There is no such thing as a tie in baseball. "Ties go to the runner" is a harmful myth that is nowhere to be found in any rule book at any level of baseball. The more you know.

Adam Johnson


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