Dear editor,

In response to Charles Bogart's “Letter: How will state repair, build new roads if there is no gas tax?” Oct. 5, here is a very simple solution — make all the "charging stations" charge $tations. Yes, they would accept credit cards/cash like vending machines do today. It would be beneficial to ALL concerned.

How? You would pay off all of the costs of the “station” including installation. Second, via Department of Transportation computer programing the price of the charge could be changed weekly, just like gasoline. The charge would be equal to the amount poor folks pay for an equal amount of gasoline to drive the same distance. That's EQUALITY under the law. The rich and the poor do travel the same highway, right?

Otherwise only the rich, who can afford a $40,000+ electric car, would get a FREE RIDE. That would be just another tax break for the rich. That's NOT fair. That's NOT justice.

John R. Sower


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