Dear editor, 

I'll never understand how 81 million would vote for Joe Biden. The insanity that he still has a 38% approval rating is insane. Kamala Harris has a 28% approval rating, which is just as insane.

Pete Buttigieg using maternity leave as a reason for him not staying in his position and leaving because of an adoption should have put question marks across all media sources. That should be limited to mother's who gave birth to children. For me, it is a complete disrespect towards mothers and the birthing process they have to go through. 

Jennifer M. Granholm, the energy secretary, has shown her true colors, along with the rest of the administration about energy and fuel costs. It doesn't matter the price. They supposedly can't control it. It would take a magic wand to fix and it's the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) fault.

There are actually plenty of options to reduce energy and gas prices. A temporary stop on gas can reduce the price of gasoline. That would save around 53 cents a gallon in Kentucky, 63 in Frankfort. With gas prices 10 cents more in Frankfort than Lexington, I'm guessing the politician that suggested so got it to go through because "it wouldn't be noticeable.”

Another option is the Keystone XL pipeline, along with the re-opening of refineries shutdown and the one's that are still opened going back to full production. I'm curious, since wind and solar energy is being created more and more, around the country, what keeps that from being the reason for the extremities of these storms that we are having now?

Seeing solar panels, while driving on Interstate 64, boosts my curiosity. There were actually trees there prior to the farm, solar energy, more or less, is like a magnifying glass that is contained. That's the way solar energy is created. 

Jerry B. Blackburn


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