Dear editor,

GOP lawmakers in Kentucky wrote a draconian abortion law (HB3) that was literally impossible to comply with. They’ll probably go back to work with the same intent, to stop abortion. 

I propose a law that will help women who are forced to give birth, regardless of rape, incest, age, birth defects, hereditary diseases, health, and economic circumstances; and that is a law that will ensure health care for the woman and her child and payments from the state that will allow the woman and her child to live at double the poverty level. The child would be eligible for state sponsored child care and paid higher education.  

The law would stipulate that citizens would be able to sue for up to $20,000 their fellow citizens who have taken steps in any way, by word or deed, to aid and abet the cessation of benefits for the mother and child. If successful in their suit, the suer would receive $10,000; the other $10,000 would go into a fund providing for women who were forced by the state to give birth and their children. 

In order to qualify for this compensation, the woman would need to go on record that she is pregnant and that she wishes to have an abortion no later than the 12th week of pregnancy (in order to allow time to schedule an abortion no later than the 15th week). If she is prevented from having an abortion for any reason, lack of doctors and clinics available to perform the procedure, excessive and difficult paperwork, etc., she would be able to access the state’s funds and benefits after she gives birth. 

When the child is born, the reality of whether GOP lawmakers want to protect, defend, and ensure children are well provided for will be known. It is one thing to want to protect an embryo or fetus, it is quite another to take on the long term care of a child. 

Andrea Veach


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