Dear editor,

I would like to voice my opinion on the subject of racism in Kentucky. I learned about this topic in my Kentucky studies class at Western Hills High School. Racism has been alive since the beginning of time and, sadly, still is. 

Racism in Kentucky is around every corner whether you notice it or not. It could be personal, like a black person needing a hand from a white person because they’ve fallen, and the white person won’t want to touch them because of their color. Or racism could be something huge, like the Ku Klux Klan or someone bombing a church just because they hate blacks, Jews or Muslims. Racism is in Kentucky and it needs to be changed.

My friends and I have had personal experiences with racism since we could remember. We are only 14 years old and it is still happening and will continue.

About a year ago I went to Holiday World with some friends. While I was there, I went to put on my bathing suit and asked a white girl who was my age to tie it for me. She looked at me and said, “My mom told me not to talk to people like you” and walked away. I didn’t know how to feel after that event. I was honestly scared to talk to anyone else after that. When my friend who is black was in first grade, she was the only black kid in her class.

Changing racism in Kentucky is a big deal and should happen immediately. Instead of excluding different races we should all come together as a community, no matter your color or race. Knowing each other on the inside rather than how you look on the outside is way more important. Let’s change to rise above the hate and love everyone!

Jekylah Cook


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