Dear editor,

In this unprecedented worldwide health crisis, there have been many changes to our daily lives. No one would ever expect schools to be closed; retail and restaurants also closed; hospitals and patients shut off to visitors; grocery stores limiting customers and supplies — all places where person-to-person contact is contributing to the unsuspecting transmission of this virus.

Included in this closure are in-person services at houses of worship. Where else is there more person-to-person contact with handshakes, embraces, passing sacraments and collection plates?

According to our governor and the team of professionals tasked with keeping us safe and minimizing the spread of this deadly virus, compliance has been unprecedented even in houses of worship — 99%.

I am a law-abiding citizen. I understand and support the value of our Constitution. These are unprecedented times. A national emergency and a state of emergency have been declared. Let’s all work together and show our solidarity in these sacrifices to defeat this virus. 

I understand that the attorney general represents all of Kentucky’s citizens. His support of the governor’s actions would have been very noteworthy in this nonpartisan crisis. The AG should let the courts decide for the 1%.

The respect for the office of attorney general and the current occupant has been lowered. I, for one, am disappointed by the actions of Attorney General Daniel Cameron again.

Cindy Hampton


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