Dear editor,

I’m writing in responses to Hilda Legg’s guest column (“Guest columnist: Why should Kentucky embrace solar power?,” Sept. 7) asking if Kentucky should embrace solar energy.

Of course Kentucky should embrace solar energy! But she’s wrong in building it on agriculture land where our food is grown.

The solar industry should be built on the thousands or millions of acres of rooftops where developers and realtors have built housing, industries, shopping malls and big box warehouses — all on what was good agriculture land or land that could’ve stayed “green."

Humans can even build the solar industry on hillsides and old strip mines. The strip mines are ecologically damaged for the next several millenniums anyway. Bring some jobs into those communities, like the strip mines I’ve mentioned, with investments in solar power.

Stop forcing agriculture towards the steep hillsides and strip mine-type areas, while developers gobble up the good soil that we need for the future to feed our children, grandchildren and those after them.

Common sense and logic has gone by the wayside with this twisted thinking about “progress and profiteering." Our “progress" should be barreling full speed toward saving our environment and green space for the sake of the very air we breathe, not destroying even more of our natural resources — that can’t grow back as fast as we humans are using it.

Richard Jones


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