Dear editor, 

The leaders of the Kentucky League of Women Voters (KLWV) wrote in late-October about the need for transparency in the redistricting process underway in Frankfort as we speak. “The (Republican) legislative leaders who control the General Assembly in Frankfort don’t want any advice. Not from civic groups. Not from outsiders. Not even from voters — you know, the people they represent," the group stated.

“The League of Women Voters of Kentucky and others urged the General Assembly to form a bipartisan advisory commission to gather public input into redistricting. We were ignored. Since then the League, along with other civic groups and individuals, has been advocating for an open and transparent process with public hearings throughout the state on the subject. That is not happening.”

The KLWV created and shared maps using the same data the Republicans have and were given only five minutes to show them in committee.

Several leading Republicans expressed their desire for a special session before January to get redistricting “done and out of the way” before the regular session which includes the budget.

If so, then why not share the maps they want the governor to call a special session for all to see? They wanted the governor to work with them more on pandemic issues, why not work with the public on district boundary issues many other states already do? Transparency and working together is always a good thing they said about pandemic issues facing Kentucky. Isn’t our democracy worthy of that too?

Joe Graviss


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