Dear editor,

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr’s op-ed (“Green New Deal bad for Ky.,” Weekend May 25-26) imagines if the Green New Deal (GND) is passed that you will be taking your loved one to a hospital only to find that the lifesaving equipment will be not working because there is no power — whoa, that’s scary (and totally based on nonsense).

He goes on to tell us that he is not a climate change denier and wants us to respond to it as a result of a thoughtful and deliberate process. So, he listens to the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, the group that insists our CO2 buildup in the world is caused by farting cows. 

The GND outlines a just, thoughtful and bold approach. It recognizes that climate change is humanity’s biggest threat by causing massive human migrations, destruction of many infrastructure systems around the world and disruption of our food supplies, and that all of this will disproportionately affect the poorest among us. 

One of the regions in our country to be the biggest benefactor of the investment dollars outlined in the GND is our coal-producing counties in Kentucky. If Barr didn’t have his pockets lined by coal barons, he might be able to tell you this. Fear-based mongering is somehow more preferable to fact-based science in Andy’s world. 

More than all of this, I invite everyone to read and understand what the GND is really about and then make your own decision. Maybe enough of us can awaken Barr to the truth that it is our grandchildren’s children who will suffer because of his willful ignorance. 

Ben Griffith


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