Dear editor,

I read with interest and admiration as my friend Bob Gullette so eloquently wrote regarding Richard Rosen’s actions and attitude toward his somewhat personal feud with Mayor Bill May (“Guest columnist: Rosen 'reneging' on donation is latest personal attack against mayor,” Oct. 23).

It is interesting to me that like the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Mr. Rosen has no idea what he is talking about, for when he addresses May he is not just speaking to one individual; he is speaking to all the residents of Frankfort.

As part of the majority, I am angered by what I see as Mr. Rosen’s blatant attempt at extortion. I firmly believe the county attorney on the behalf of the citizens of Frankfort should investigate Mr. Rosen — for there is plenty of evidence.

Mr. Rosen, like Gov. Matt Bevin and President Donald Trump, may believe in  that “he who has the money makes the rules.” I can assure him that is not the case. It is his wife who will suffer for his immaturity. If she is ever placed on any board or any committee, she will be scrutinized down to the last break mint she carries in her purse.

No person is above the law — even you, Mr. Rosen. You may sneer at us mere mortals and choose to hurt innocent puppies and kittens with your actions. Take your money and run.

Instead of running for office, Mr. Rosen, you should return to Texas, where you will enjoy the company of vipers and vermin and your money will mean nothing.

Damian C. Beach


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