Dear editor,

To anyone denouncing Richard Rosen for his decision to retract his $500,000 donation to the local animal shelter ("Rosen withdraws $500,000 pledge for new animal shelter, cites 'disgust' with recent city actions," Oct. 18), I say this — WAKE UP.

The city and county governments are to blame. If it wasn't enough that they are disorganized and not fiscally responsible, of course, the fact that Mr. Rosen's spouse had to endure abuse, disrespect and villification at the hands of the Frankfort City Commission had an effect. I would bet that these "detractors" would do exactly the same thing if their spouse was treated like that. These "detractors" are simply not honestly putting themselves into Mr. Rosen's shoes. 

I happen to know that Richard Rosen has an extremely deep love for animals and has donated far more than this amount to worldwide efforts to help animal welfare. There are hundreds of state, national and international animal welfare organizations that are doing good work, and they all need support.

I have no doubt that if this $500,000 doesn't go to our local animal shelter, it will go to help animal welfare elsewhere. Would these "detractors" have us believe that our "local" animals are more important somehow than animals in other places?

While no doubt Mr. Rosen would have preferred to keep this money local (or he wouldn't have offered the donation in the first place), I cannot blame him one bit for retracting it given the disorganization, lack of appreciation and outright abuse this community as a whole has shown him and his wife.

Joel Dufour


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