Dear editor,

Senate Bill 1 is about a supermajority discrimination against people with brown skin.

Kentucky Republicans are using immigrants as an excuse to instill false fear in people so as to acquire support for the “higher level of power” they clamor for.

Republican Sen. Robert Stivers, in his derivative thinking, helps spearhead this installation of false fears. This has nothing to do with what is just, our democracy or freedom.

President Donald Trump resorted to this immorality to gain power and win the presidency. He saw this as a “dragon slayer“ to beat the Democrats.

The federal government still has immigrant children being molested in concentration camps, separated from their immigrant parents who were looking for asylum. This and other humanitarian crimes are being inflicted by the federal government on these brown-skinned immigrants as you read this.

In SB1, these “fear mongers" want to stop “sanctuary cities” that don’t even exist. They want all county, city and state police to racially profile and detain any brown-skinned people they see. Hitler and the Jews?

I personally spoke to a Republican legislator in the Capitol Annex the other day while advocating against SB1. He agreed with all I said. Then struggling, he spoke about federal laws and that Trump was on the “ticket" to run, trying to use incomprehensible reasoning to explain their immoral actions.

Richard Jones


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