Dear editor,

I am glad there are real men such as state Rep. Chris Fugate ("Sports betting bill stumbles from starting gate in Kentucky," Weekend edition, Feb. 8-9) who are willing to say what we all know: Gambling is evil. 

Men who are willing to put the good of their communities, the welfare of families, the respect of a working man's income and the security of children who have never had parents who gamble above the deceitful promise of unearned riches.
Our legislators have no faith that the hard working men and women of Kentucky, the rich beautiful land and God's blessing are enough. No, we need to turn to gambling. That's the answer to our problems. They are fools.
Legalized gambling brings crime, alcoholism, violence, domestic abuse and divorce. It brings increased expenses to our police force, emergency rooms  courts and social services. It's a rigged bet and the citizens of Kentucky will be the ones to lose.
Stacey Salvadori

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