Dear editor,

On March 17 the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office met the funeral procession for my sister-in-law at the Anderson-Franklin county line. I just want the Frankfort people to know what a great job was done by them.

There were officers from our county line down U.S. 127 to the connector to U.S. 60 to Sunset Memorial Gardens. There are many intersections in that trip and they made sure no one was able to break the procession or get in front of it.

There were at least four marked cars with their sirens blasting. They took turns beating us to every place to make sure we didn’t have to stop one time the whole way. One from the end would come by us and get to the next light.

I have been in many processions in my lifetime, but never have I seen a better orchestrated plan than that day.

I felt this was a necessary letter to thank our police officers and deputies for the amazing job that they did for us that day. My dear sister-in-law got a wonderful last ride.

Jane Roach Sims


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