Dear editor,

My prediction is Donald Trump will resign in either September or October. He will not want to lose or be known as a loser. So he will play the victim.

Mike Pence will be president and candidate and pick Nikki Haley as his vice president. And all Trump supporters will martyr him and vote and campaign hard for Pence to make sure they have a shot at the presidency to save the ability to nominate supremes.

This will be fully embraced and supported by the GOP leadership and all candidates. They will hope the martyrdom of Trump could save them in their own Senate elections in November. However, they will still lose. They will lose the presidency and the Senate.

This is my prediction. Of course, Pence will issue full pardons, ASAP, for any federal crimes that could come to Trump, before leaving office in January. And he is vulnerable in New York, but Attorney General William Barr has a plan for that too.

It’s going to be a hellava ride. Biden will win the election, to be clear.

Lisa Coons


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