Dear editor,

The sole Democrat I ever voted for was Bill Clinton. Foolishly I was on Clinton's side, rather than Monica Lewinsky's. I voted for him twice. The "we’re going to get rid of jobs no one wants to do and bring in jobs of the future" speech ended the respect I had for Democratic politicians, especially those who ran or became president. 

I can look back now and say not everything they did or completed was horrendous. Clinton got rid of jobs. Obama got rid of jobs and brought in Obamacare. Now though, we have Joe Biden.

What Biden has done in the first seven months of office, there's no excuse for. The support for Biden should have ended when he was on the tarmac, looking at his watch, while military personnel in caskets were coming off a plane. That should be inexcusable. Will all Americans see it that way? That's the unknown.

Democratic friends have made excuses for shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, increase in price at the pump, increase in price for medications but, they haven't defended him for checking his watch while caskets were coming off the plane.

This should be a test for all the politicians in Washington, D.C. It is a test for the next election. There should be impeachment or demand or resignation from everyone in Congress. Nancy Pelosi slammed her gavel while someone in the House was naming off those 13 that died in Afghanistan. Should classlessness be another action that demands removal from office? 

Jerry B. Blackburn


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