Dear editor,

Gov. Andy Beshear is the worst governor in Kentucky history. Proof keeps showing up on a daily basis. Last Friday, he recommended closing churches again. I’m not sure what “faith” he has. It’s not my burden to bear either but, shutting down churches being the initial closure says a lot about someone.

Protests has been going on in Louisville since the end of May, yet he says nothing directly to protesters, like he has to other protesters. The obvious fact that Louisville, daily, has the highest positive tests, should tell him and his doctors enough.

Some of us thought masks weren’t going to do anything at all. Probably half of us or more worked in areas that required masks. It’s a shame that we had to be somewhat right, in the sense that the numbers didn’t go down. They have even spiked. 

Until the protests are shut down the numbers are going to stay escalated. Now, there’s a group from out of state that will add to the escalation of COVID-19 in Jefferson County, which will continue to have the highest positive rates. 

There’s some that shunned me for saying that and refusing to wear a mask. The mask was mandated and most of us wore it. It didn’t work. The obvious strategy is to get protesters off the street until this pandemic has subsided.

It’s perspective not racism. While you are supporting the protests, thinking how I could suggest such a thing, or hate me for saying such a thing, I’m thinking of all Kentuckians, not a singular person or group who was unjustly treated.

Is this protest really worth you or a family members trip to the hospital, ICU, or in a grave? If so, OK but the rest of us doesn’t deserve it or are asking for it.

Jerry B. Blackburn


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