Dear editor,

This letter contains points to ponder regarding the proposal for a solar farm here in Franklin County. The electricity generated would benefit the budgets of all our public schools plus the city and county governments.

What do the school administrators and the locally elected politicians think is best for the school students? What would school students themselves want — to continue relying solely on fossil fuels for our community's electricity or to move forward with a plan for solar power for electric generation?

Students may know better than "old-school" adults that fossil fuel extraction is harmful to our environment and to their futures. Look at damage done to both eastern and western Kentucky from strip mining of coal and consider the many dangers of fracking to get at gas. Knowing facts about the destruction from fossil fuel extraction, what would kids say knowing that fossil fuels are finite and not renewable and sustainable?

I believe schoolchildren would vote to ensure their futures. I believe school kids would want more funding for their schools based on savings from using solar-generated energy. I think that schoolkids may think more clearly about this issue than perhaps some of the adults involved in the decision-making on this matter.

Think, people! Let's get this solar energy generation going for our future generations. Do it for the kids. Give our young people a future rather than ignoring the environmental facts and warnings. Support the solar project and tell local elected officials how you feel.

Ceci Mitchell


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