Dear editor,

Interesting column, Phyllis Sower ("Guest columnist: Not proud of Capital Pride Kentucky," Oct. 23). I understand your stance against hate speech, but like with many "Christians," the hypocrisy is astounding.

What do you think has been happening to the LGBTQ community for decades? A few years for some "Christians" of having to deal with equality, and you all fold like snowflakes. I mean, isn't this column exactly what you are fighting against? I saw it as a thinly veiled hate speech. 

The rainbow flag wasn't up too long, yet you‘re mad about it. The Sisters of Indulgence (I know a few personally) are wonderful humans who treat everyone with kindness and have raised quite a bit of money for charity. That wasn't mentioned, just a “poor me“ mentality. Drag Queen library days are more dangerous for the queens; kids are scary. These are people trying to help kids with reality and show them that expression is not scary, but it scares you.

As for the idea that everyone must follow your Bible, sorry, Mrs. Sower, we don't have to do anything it says. Re-read it. It does not explicitly mention homosexuality as wrong. There are stories where homosexuals are wrong, but it's less about their sexuality, and more about the morals of human beings. Not all homosexuals are the same, but not all Christians are the same. Some actually listen to Jesus, don't judge and love all, and others (yourself) have misread his teachings somewhere along the line to think it gives you the right to pass judgement.

Is being gay strictly about sexual behavior? Is it the same for straight people? Last time I checked, my boyfriend and I were in a very healthy relationship. We have never had sexual relations in the street and I don't think any other gay people are either. When you see straight people kiss in public, do you worry for the children? Do you write columns about how disgusting they are and how kids shouldn't be subjected to that? 

In closing, I would like to quote you from the column. "Frankfort city government represents the local government of all the residents of Frankfort." They just did represent some of their residents. Maybe you should be less mad at the gays and more mad that you (for once) weren't given a participation trophy.

Jeremy Schmitt


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