Dear editor,

I’ve watched for the last 20 years as the lawn around the Capitol has been turned into a mishmash of a forest filled with dissimilar trees and bushes, in a jumble only a botanist could love.

I remember 50 years ago when the lawn was a place where we could play football and hold games and simply hang out together. People could picnic there while their children played games. Now all that is gone, buried under spreading pines that afford no shade to rest under. It’s as if the planners and planters went out of their way to deny that space to those who live downtown. Where do the kids of South Frankfort go to play now? Who knows? But they don’t do it on the Capitol lawn!

Now more of this area denial is being enacted with this ridiculous closing of the road in front of the floral clock and Annex, and for what? To let Gov. Andy Beshear sleep more soundly at night? To hold back the non-existent hordes of raving terrorists driving car bombs?

It seems that the people who nominally serve the public are determined to deprive use of our spaces and assets, to serve only their agendas and big-brother impulses. Enough is enough. Let Beshear cower in his big house if he’s really that afraid, quit interfering with the lives of the people who live and visit here, and stop inflicting his foolishness on our Commonwealth and our city.

Charles Riggs


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