Dear editor,

Frankfort is lucky to have FrankArts and city and county agencies behind adding more art to our community. 

Art builds our community with creativity, social bonds and interaction, civic participation and economic success. The addition of art throughout Frankfort and Franklin County gives us an even more well-defined sense of place, a unique identity and sense of pride too!

If you want to help support these beautiful pieces and the vibrancy they add to our town, you can easily donate online through Josephine Sculpture Park and click on Get Involved, then Donate, then Arts Downtown. What’s even better, if you are particularly drawn to one piece, you can donate to that piece. Of course, all donations are tax-deductible.

I hope you will get behind this great group and the ideas, beauty and dialogue it adds to Frankfort’s landscape. Thank you, FrankArts and supporters, for making Frankfort more and more art rich, and therefore, rich is so many other ways, every day!

Andrea Wilson Mueller


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