Dear editor,

How did Gov. Matt Bevin go from the most disliked governor in the country to an election dead heat race with Andy Beshear?

Are the Russians and Facebook helping Bevin like they did President Donald Trump in 2016? Bevin wants Putin's business friends to build a plant in Kentucky, giving incentives and secret deals but not revealing who gets the bills.

Bevin's treatment of Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton was abusive and dishonest. Hampton didn't bow down letting Bevin ignore and violate laws grabbing personal power to rule, not to govern. Hampton had to go along with ignorant teachers and hack judges.

Bevin is trolling Eastern Kentucky with promises of grant money for votes. Beware: Trump took congressional money from our military bases for schools and housing, stealing it for his wall. The best election joke was the wall climbing stunt by our own guys taking Trump's "Beautiful , Impregnable" wall in 2-3 minutes.

There are more than 345,000 teachers, police, fire and legislative staffers affected by Bevin's agenda. Like the wall climbers Bevin's can be taken down in less than the 2 minutes it takes to vote.

Judy Rembacki


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