Dear editor,

 It was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner — the usual characters including sports experts with game predictions. Uncle "Know-it-all" was a Trumper surprising no one and no one cared. But his daughter, who never liked her dad's politics, suddenly was a Trumper too.

"Why?" questions from the family revealed her rage — she was forced to take early retirement, which reduced her pension plus make her pay more for her health care. She stated Fox News warned her. "The Democrats are to blame." Ah, yes.

Thanksgiving rules require all cellphones off and placed in the hall basket. Then the hosting family leads everyone in prayers of gratitude. Family members bring their assigned specialities to share. Any thought of bringing something different was ruled sacrilege.

Thanksgiving dinners have a sacredness of the "Last Supper" because we know some people will not be with us next year. New babies ease the loss but cannot replace memories of jokes, tears, sorrow and laughter that slip away with them.

Thanksgiving is more than food. It's about the love, trust and decency in our hearts that we share with each other because we know like politics and politicians, we too in time will turn to ashes. That should keep all of us humble and kind.

Judy Rembacki


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