Dear editor,

Recently, the Franklin County Republican Women sponsored a chili luncheon at the VFW Post on Second Street to raise money for the Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center, the Thomas-Hood Veterans Center, the Paul Patton Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center and the Joseph E. Ballard Western Kentucky Veterans Center. 

There were several people there who are either currently candidates for political office or will be next year. There were Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites, young and old, all working together for a good cause. Each of the candidates were talking with the lunch crowd. 

There was no bickering and fighting. There were no cars turned over or rioting in the streets. Instead, people were quietly coming in, having lunch, eating, talking together and enjoying themselves.

This is how things should work. We should be able to come together from all parts of the community and get along. If we can’t disagree with each other and still respect each other, then we have a major problem.  

Eunice Montfort


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