Dear editor,

Recently in the newspaper there's been a lot of criticism from readers, including me, about Richard Rosen.

In doing so, however, we must be careful not to overlook the fact that, as some others have pointed out, including The State Journal in one of its editorials ("Editorial: Rosen's yanking of animal shelter pledge will hurt, not help his political influence," Oct. 25), Rosen is a good, community-minded man and animal lover who, quoting the State Journal editorial, "deserves much commendation and gratitude for his support of nonprofit endeavors in Frankfort" and "should be admired and primarily known for his benevolence and community involvement."

I feel it's only fair that this should be pointed out and kept in mind.

With that being said, I think it's time to cease any more criticism of Rosen and move forward in a more positive and constructive manner, working together for good city government and a more productive city commission and Frankfort Plant Board, putting politics and personal interests aside, learning from previous mistakes, holding our elected officials accountable for their actions in a polite and respectful manner, doing what's best for the city of Frankfort.

Bob Gullette


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