Dear editor,

In a column last month (“Guest columnist: Truth is what makes our country great,” Dec. 20), a local minister wrote, “There are some in power in our country who apparently do not want us to be free, because they do not want us to know the truth.” I agree with him.

There has been no bigger lie than the one told by President Barack Obama when he said that people would get to keep their doctors under the Affordable Care Act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have continuously avoided the truth when saying they are trying to do what is best for the country when in fact they only care about keeping their political party and themselves in power.

The attacks on President Donald Trump are the result of “sour grapes” from people who wanted crooked Hillary Clinton to be in the White House. Trump has attempted to keep his campaign promises even though the Democrats in Congress constantly oppose him on everything.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrat leadership wants socialism and complete governmental control of the American citizens. The minister says that what makes America great is “values of liberty, equality, fairness and justice for all.” He forgets to mention freedom and self-reliance.

It is sad that some Christian ministers spew so much hate and deceit directed toward a duly elected president. The Bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” 

Being a minister doesn't make a person right or righteous. I wonder how much they are contributing to help the immigrants and other people in need. It is Christians like this minister who make me glad I'm a Buddhist.

Matt Shuy


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