Dear editor,

Democrats are no longer deserving of a donkey as their mascot. A donkey bears a cross on its back and the Democratic Party has become the polar opposite.

Might I suggest a new emblem for the Democratic Party? A ribbon with the initials C.A.D./D.H. It ought to be multicolored like a rainbow but missing a couple colors from the rainbow God created. The initials stand for control alt delete/delete history. Control alt delete was the value of hitting all three at a time, unlocking and restarting a computer. Today with the party, though, the goal is to control everything and everyone possible, alter everything to their suiting, and delete all that don’t support their agenda. Delete history is part of the solution. Delete it and the laws of the land can be redefined to suit them.

When you have a president, whether you believe he is Christian or not, speaking about God and quoting scripture, that’s always commendable. I don’t believe all of us support everything he says and does, but we do support his core values. We don’t think he is God or biblically the “Chosen One." On the other hand, he’s trying to bring back the values of yesteryear, which the nation desperately needs.

Most will say it doesn’t matter which party you support, you can still be a Christian. Today, absolutely not. Here it comes: "You’re a judging evangelic Republican." Already ringing in my ears from some of you all.

It’s very simple. The Bible tells you what to be for/against, how to raise a child, what to do and not do. It tells stories of people and how greatly God impacted their life, how God can absolutely use anyone to serve his purpose. 

This is pro-Trump, anti-Democrat. This is right from wrong, good from bad. It was never meant for everything to be tolerated.

Jerry B. Blackburn


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