Dear editor,

A scenario I considered at the end of 2016 is now playing out: the formation of a secret police, to take action against people who could be deemed a danger to President Donald Trump, our existing democracy or his leadership.

It was so hard to see then how it could be effectively accomplished. The complicity of the GOP leadership was expected but not to the extent it became. And the William Barr “X” factor certainly has authorized these atrocities.

These are Russia active measures at work. We have been divided for years, but it’s been quietly divided since the 1960s until the Barack Obama presidency. His occupancy of the White House provoked the active measures by Russia to take action getting 45 in the White House.

A few weeks ago, I felt Trump may actually “quit” after the nomination convention in August. That he would rather step down than “lose.” But now with the secret federal police, orchestrated by 45, upheld and justified by Barr, he is going to watch and see how this federal policing plays out — perfect planning by active measures as per Russia playbook of disrupting elections and nations.

Trump knows he will lose and now time will tell how Americans respond to this scenario. Will GOP governors be complicit and allow this in their states? Will Mitch McConnell sit back and count his rubles and watch the Trump and Barr dystopian show?

Will this be the prequel to the finale or the beginning of a disastrous second season of dystopian reality?

Lisa Coons


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