Dear editor,

For quite some time now I have read many articles about the financial and aesthetic concerns regarding the Frankfort Plant Board water reservoir. I can understand the concerns for each side, and a lower-cost reservoir would seem to also benefit those eventually paying for it, including those in Tanglewood who drive past, view that property often and are concerned about their property values.

There must be a solution. I've had an idea for a couple months that I'm not sure has been considered. Would a mural be a possible solution?

When I've driven past the Lexington airport area, there is a beautiful painted mural on the concrete. There are water towers in some cities with beautiful murals and some in our city. These murals with horses and scenery are so beautiful and enjoyable to see.

I picture something uncontroversial that would naturally be in Kentucky, like trees, maybe a river and a blue sky with clouds at the top to disguise the height of the concrete structure, or make part of it to look like the top of the Capitol building. The warmth of nature and maybe some Kentucky horses in a field with a beautiful sky above would be pleasant to see.

FPB was at least thinking ahead in regards to the needs of replacement. If businesses and individuals would treat others as they would like to be treated, I can't help but believe solutions would be easier, if needed at all.

Lee Boone


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