You’re the unseen hero, who hangs back in the crowd.

Forever the person of whom we’re so proud.

You’ve signed up to fight the battles, you helped win the war.

Now you’re back in your homeland to what you fought for.

It’s all different now, no nothing is the same.

Some remember your face, very few know your name.

Your body’s been broken and your mind is scarred.

Coming home to indifference had to be so hard.

You step into a society you fought to protect.

You’re given little if any type of respect.

The good jobs are all taken by the ones who stayed home.

You’re left with the scraps and forced now to roam.

You’re the unseen hero, you saw the blood with your eyes.

You saw the bombs exploding, you heard the children’s cries.

The unseen hero who will never regret, the sacrifices he made.

How dare we forget!

—  Dedicated to all the unseen heroes past and present

Ann Goins


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