Dear editor,

With the presidential election coming up in 2020, the blinders need to be removed. 20/20 vision doesn’t allow blinders and doesn’t require refocusing. Neither should the election.

What do you really want or need? Has your life gotten worse in the last three years? What’s happened in three years? Where do you want the country to go?

Being a letter to the editor, it’s my opinion, of course. It shows favor to what I believe. On the other hand, it’s not a way to coerce you into believing the way I do, just to think more openly. The news today is opinion with coercion.

If you’re the majority, you're middle class. Poverty level was 12.3% in September 2017 and 13.9% in 2016. Trump was sworn in in January 2017. Raising minimum wage the answer for you? $20 an hour? Everything will cost three times as much then.

Life gotten worse? What’s happened in three years? Unemployment is the lowest since the ’60s and at historic lows for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. The mandate to buy health insurance is gone. Argue that Americans are doing without insurance if you want, but force equals government control. Gas prices have stayed level or lower than under the previous administration.

Where do you want the country to go? All Medicare for everyone will do is put government in control of when and who gets medical treatment. It will remove health care jobs from the workforce. It will shut down medical facilities and doctors and nurses will be minimalized because of a government-controlled income. Pharmaceutical companies are going to always control their prices. If they don’t, subpar meds or no meds will be the outcome. Government-controlled scripts will decide who gets certain meds.

There are failures and successes in all administrations. President Donald Trump’s failures are more or less restricted to some words he speaks. Personally, I’d rather have a blunt, harsh and direct leader of this nation than one who says, we’ll give you this, tax the rich more, etc. — empty promises just to control all. There’s the first step in creating a dictatorship.

Jerry B. Blackburn


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