Dear editor,

I don’t usually write letters to the editor, however I simply cannot let pass what our pitiful excuse for a president has said. In his warped opinion, veterans who have died are “suckers and losers.”

I had five uncles who served in World War II — two in the Army, two in the Navy and one in the Marines. My brother was a captain in the Medical Corps during the Korean conflict. My husband served in the Army. A plantar wart wouldn’t have stopped any of them from serving their country. In fact, my brother was born with very severe club feet, which hurt him every day of his life, even after 12 surgeries before he was 6. Yet he proudly served.

President Donald Trump only lies when his mouth opens. There were 40 lies in his acceptance speech. He insults everyone he can. Wake up, America — especially Franklin Countians — and see who you are supporting. Our democracy is at stake!

Please, if you love your grandchildren, consider your vote.

Trump is trying to rush through a COVID-19 vaccine, which will doubtfully be safe or effective, in order to gain votes. He doesn’t want people to vote through absentee ballots because he knows Russia can’t interfere through our mail. That’s why he is trying to dismantle our U.S. Postal Service. 

I can’t figure out why he wants to be president again. All he does now is play on Twitter and play golf. He didn’t attend John Lewis’ funeral nor did he rent to Blacks in his many rental units.

Many if not most Trumpers never read a newspaper or listen to CNN. Trump should have never run before, let alone won. The only two counties in Kentucky where Hillary Clinton won were the two counties with the most educated people — Fayette and Jefferson.

In 2016, I watched both conventions. The Democratic convention was well planned and executed. The Republican convention was Trump ranting like a maniac.

When I was growing up, there was a saying — “it takes one to call one.” So fitting as Trump is a “sucker and loser” for sure.

Bell Richards


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