Dear editor,

Deja vu another mass shooting of children in a school. Since the beginning of this year, 27 school shooting have taken place. In the last two years 113 children and adults have been murdered in schools.

I say in the last two years because that is the length of time that House bill (H.R.8) has been stalled in Congress by Republicans. H.R.8 does nothing more than strengthen criminal background checks on internet gun buyers and gun shows, closing those loopholes. It does not stop gun sales in any way yet 50 Republicans in Congress are afraid to pass it.

Apparently, Republicans must love cold metal guns more than children, or maybe they are so afraid and paralyzed of losing contributions from the National Rifle Association to THEMSELVES. These contributions to their campaign amount to nothing more than bribes or quid pro quo to stall, deflect or eliminate any bill regarding gun control. Kentuckians should know that the NRA pays our politicians the following amounts: McConnell — $72,868; Barr — $27,829; Rogers — $13,548; Guthrie — $10,268; Paul — $9,900; Comer — $6,950 and for good measure $12,450 to the Republican Party.

How can anyone or any party beat on their chest as being pro-life when they allow the senseless shooting of innocent people because they are afraid to regulate guns? We are the only nation in the world that has this problem! Yet we seem to worship the ownership of guns as a God-given right of freedom void of all regulatory responsibility.

Until then, more mass shootings to come!

K. Michael Newton


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