Dear editor,

It appears that the new state office building is nearly complete downtown. Workers will be moving in sometime this summer. As this project comes to conclusion, I wonder what is going to happen to two missing pieces of the puzzle that were supposed to be part of the project.

First, there is the important pedestrian bridge that connects the community of Bellepoint to downtown. Currently, the bridge connection on the downtown side is severed. To my knowledge, it has never been made public what type of connection will be provided. An accessible ramp from the bridge to the street-level sidewalk that can be used by pedestrians, wheelchair users and bicyclists is the most advantageous solution.   

Second, there used to be a stairway that led up from the base of the Capital Plaza Tower to Leslie Morris Park (Fort Hill.) A pedestrian connection needs to be restored — otherwise, the ability to walk to the park will be permanently cut off to office workers and hotel tourists.

I hope that the Finance and Administration Cabinet and its contractor will address these open questions and complete the two connections soon. They’ve been missing for a year-and-a-half and are too important for the people of Frankfort to lose forever.

Brent A. Sweger

President, WalkBike Frankfort


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