Dear editor,

Recently, Frankfort has made many strides to base its image on its bourbon history. It established Kentucky Distilled as its image, expanded alcohol sales, opened Bourbon on Main, joined other bourbon cities to promote Frankfort's new image and enthusiastically endorsed the reopening of a historical beer brewery, among other advancements.

This all seems well-suited to position Frankfort as a bourbon destination, except when downtown businesses close their doors early. Business 101 dictates regular business hours.

A former local bar was very successful until it decided to close "as business dictated," aka, early. As it learned, people will not frequent your business if your hours are not well-established. They will go elsewhere. This mistake led to the late-night crowd at Applebee's. It later closed permanently as a result.

Currently, several bars downtown have decided to close at midnight out of fears from two unrelated tragedies. This is ill-advised. The time for the economic boom Frankfort has asked for is now, not later. To close establishments at midnight when there are 70 well-behaved people in the bar, many of whom are tourists who traveled here because of Frankfort's recent media blast, is ludicrous and counterproductive. Tourists will not return.

The tragedies are most certainly repugnant and should be vigorously condemned. We're indeed still grieving. However, the authorities have assured us they were unrelated. We cannot ask for big city advancements nor choke the progress we want with unsubstantiated fears.

A holiday weekend attracts many tourists; unfortunately Frankfort's Southern hospitality ends at midnight.

John Carlton


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